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   set  data   graph     EMSO Azores Seamon-East Chemini dissolved iron concentration    ?   F   I   M   background (external link) RSS Subscribe
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The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL acknowledgement String founding from OceanSites/EMSO project
attribute NC_GLOBAL area String North Atlantic Ocean
attribute NC_GLOBAL array String OceanSites/EMSO
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String TimeSeries
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_timeseries_variables String platform_code, latitude, longitude
attribute NC_GLOBAL citation String These data were collected and made freely available by the author, PI, and collaborators in the frame of national activities (Coriolis)
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_email String codac at
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_name String Coriolis service desk
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_role String data processing
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String CF-1.6, OceanSITES-1.3, COARDS, ACDD-1.3, NCCSV-1.1
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_name String Ifremer Institut Francais de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_url String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL data_assembly_center String Coriolis
attribute NC_GLOBAL data_mode String D
attribute NC_GLOBAL data_type String OceanSITES time-series data
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_created String 2020-11-13T12:00:02Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_modified String 2021-12-06T15:00:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_update String 2021-12-06T15:00:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL defaultDataQuery String time%2CIRON&time>=2013-09-01T18%3A00%3A00Z&time<=2017-07-15T00%3A00%3A00Z&IRON>=0
attribute NC_GLOBAL defaultGraphQuery String time%2CTEMP&time>=2017-01-01T00%3A00%3A00Z&time<=2017-07-15T00%3A00%3A00Z&.draw=lines&.color=0x000000&.bgColor=0xffccccff
attribute NC_GLOBAL Easternmost_Easting double -32.275
attribute NC_GLOBAL featureType String TimeSeries
attribute NC_GLOBAL format_version String 1.3
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_max double 37.289
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_min double 37.289
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_units String degrees_north
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_max double -32.275
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_min double -32.275
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_units String degrees_east
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_max double 1695.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_min double 1695.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_positive String down
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_units String m
attribute NC_GLOBAL history String 2020-11-13T12:00:02Z : Creation
attribute NC_GLOBAL id String OS_EMSO-Azores-SeamonEast_2013-2017_D_Fe
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String Ifremer Institut Francais de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la Mer
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution_edmo_code String 1054
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String azores, chemini, concentration, data, delayed, DEPH_QC, depth, dissolved, earth, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Water Temperature, east, emso, exploitation, flag, francais, ifremer, institut, iron, IRON_QC, latitude, longitude, mer, observatory, ocean, oceans, pour, quality, recherche, science, sea, sea_water_temperature, seamon, seamon-east, seawater, TEMP, TEMP_QC, temperature, temperature of the water column, time, TIME_QC, total, total metal concentrations in water bodies, water
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords_vocabulary String GCMD Science Keywords
attribute NC_GLOBAL last_date_observation String 2017-07-14T22:35:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL last_latitude_observation String 37.28900
attribute NC_GLOBAL last_longitude_observation String -32.27500
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String Follows CLIVAR (Climate Varibility and Predictability) standards, cf. Data available free of charge. User assumes all risk for use of data. User must display citation in any publication or product using data. User must contact PI prior to any commercial use of data.
attribute NC_GLOBAL naming_authority String OceanSITES
attribute NC_GLOBAL netcdf_version String 3
attribute NC_GLOBAL network String EMSO France
attribute NC_GLOBAL Northernmost_Northing double 37.289
attribute NC_GLOBAL principal_investigator String Agathe Laes
attribute NC_GLOBAL principal_investigator_email String Agathe.Laes at
attribute NC_GLOBAL principal_investigator_id String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL processing_level String Data manually reviewed
attribute NC_GLOBAL project String OceanSites/EMSO
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_name String Agathe Laes, Frederic Merceur, Corentin Guyot
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_type String person
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_url String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL QC_indicator String excellent
attribute NC_GLOBAL qc_manual String OceanSITES User's Manual v1.2
attribute NC_GLOBAL references String,, (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL source String fixed benthic node
attribute NC_GLOBAL source_platform_category_code String 11
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Southernmost_Northing double 37.289
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v70
attribute NC_GLOBAL subsetVariables String TIME_QC, latitude, longitude, depth, DEPH_QC
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String This dataset contains dissolved iron concentrations ((Fe(II) + Fe(III); µmol/l) acquired between September 2013 and July 2017 using the CHEMINI Fe, a CHEmical MINIaturized analyser (samples taken every 12 hours, with daily in situ calibration using a 20 µmol/l iron standard, Vuillemin et al., 2009). The sample inlet was positioned on the mussel bed at the base of the Tour Eiffel edifice of the Lucky Strike hydrothermal vent (1695 depth).CHEMINI Fe (CF2) was mounted on the TEMPO module which was itself connected to the SeaMON East node of the EMSO-Azores observatory. Measured properties: temperature and Total dissolved iron concentration
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_duration String P4Y
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_end String 2017-07-14T22:35:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_resolution String PT12H
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_start String 2013-09-01T18:00:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String EMSO Azores Seamon-East Chemini dissolved iron concentration
attribute NC_GLOBAL update_interval String P1Y
attribute NC_GLOBAL Westernmost_Easting double -32.275
variable platform_code   String  
attribute platform_code cf_role String timeseries_id
variable platform_name   String  
variable time   double  
attribute time _CoordinateAxisType String Time
attribute time actual_range double 1.3780584E9, 1.5000717E9
attribute time axis String T
attribute time colorBarMaximum double 100000.0
attribute time colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute time ioos_category String Time
attribute time long_name String Time
attribute time Processing_level String Data manually reviewed
attribute time QC_indicator int 1
attribute time standard_name String time
attribute time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
attribute time valid_max String 90000.0
attribute time valid_min String 0.0
variable TIME_QC   byte  
attribute TIME_QC _FillValue byte -127
attribute TIME_QC actual_range byte 1, 1
attribute TIME_QC colorBarMaximum double 10.0
attribute TIME_QC colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute TIME_QC conventions String OceanSITES reference table 2
attribute TIME_QC flag_meanings String unknown good_data probably_good_data potentially_correctable_bad_data bad_data nominal_value interpolated_value missing_value
attribute TIME_QC flag_values byte 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
attribute TIME_QC long_name String Time quality flag
attribute TIME_QC valid_max byte 9
attribute TIME_QC valid_min byte 0
variable latitude   float  
attribute latitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lat
attribute latitude _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute latitude actual_range float 37.289, 37.289
attribute latitude axis String Y
attribute latitude colorBarMaximum double 90.0
attribute latitude colorBarMinimum double -90.0
attribute latitude coordinate_reference_frame String urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326
attribute latitude ioos_category String Location
attribute latitude long_name String Latitude of each location
attribute latitude Processing_level String Data manually reviewed
attribute latitude QC_indicator int 1
attribute latitude references String WGS84
attribute latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute latitude units String degrees_north
attribute latitude valid_max float 90.0
attribute latitude valid_min float -90.0
variable longitude   float  
attribute longitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lon
attribute longitude _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute longitude actual_range float -32.275, -32.275
attribute longitude axis String X
attribute longitude colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute longitude colorBarMinimum double -180.0
attribute longitude coordinate_reference_frame String urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326
attribute longitude ioos_category String Location
attribute longitude long_name String Longitude of each location
attribute longitude Processing_level String Data manually reviewed
attribute longitude QC_indicator int 1
attribute longitude references String WGS84
attribute longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute longitude units String degrees_east
attribute longitude valid_max float 180.0
attribute longitude valid_min float -180.0
variable depth   float  
attribute depth _CoordinateAxisType String Height
attribute depth _CoordinateZisPositive String down
attribute depth _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute depth actual_range float 1695.0, 1695.0
attribute depth axis String Z
attribute depth colorBarMaximum double 8000.0
attribute depth colorBarMinimum double -8000.0
attribute depth colorBarPalette String TopographyDepth
attribute depth coordinate_reference_frame String urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::CRF 5831
attribute depth ioos_category String Location
attribute depth long_name String Depth
attribute depth positive String down
attribute depth Processing_level String Data manually reviewed
attribute depth QC_indicator int 1
attribute depth references String sea_level
attribute depth sdn_P02_urn String SDN:P02::AHGT
attribute depth sdn_parameter_urn String SDN:P01::ADEPZZ01
attribute depth sdn_uom_urn String SDN:P06::ULAA
attribute depth source_name String DEPH
attribute depth standard_name String depth
attribute depth units String m
attribute depth valid_max float 12000.0
attribute depth valid_min float -12000.0
variable DEPH_QC   byte  
attribute DEPH_QC _FillValue byte -127
attribute DEPH_QC actual_range byte 7, 7
attribute DEPH_QC colorBarMaximum double 10.0
attribute DEPH_QC colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute DEPH_QC conventions String OceanSITES reference table 2
attribute DEPH_QC flag_meanings String unknown good_data probably_good_data potentially_correctable_bad_data bad_data nominal_value interpolated_value missing_value
attribute DEPH_QC flag_values byte 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
attribute DEPH_QC long_name String Depth quality flag
attribute DEPH_QC valid_max byte 9
attribute DEPH_QC valid_min byte 0
variable TEMP   float  
attribute TEMP _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute TEMP actual_range float 4.48, 37.728
attribute TEMP colorBarMaximum double 32.0
attribute TEMP colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute TEMP long_name String Sea temperature
attribute TEMP Processing_level String Data manually reviewed
attribute TEMP QC_indicator int 1
attribute TEMP sdn_P02_urn String SDN:P02::TEMP
attribute TEMP sdn_parameter_urn String SDN:P01::TEMPPR01
attribute TEMP sdn_uom_urn String SDN:P06::UPAA
attribute TEMP standard_name String sea_water_temperature
attribute TEMP units String degree_Celsius
attribute TEMP valid_max float 40.0
attribute TEMP valid_min float -2.0
variable TEMP_QC   byte  
attribute TEMP_QC _FillValue byte -127
attribute TEMP_QC actual_range byte 1, 1
attribute TEMP_QC colorBarMaximum double 10.0
attribute TEMP_QC colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute TEMP_QC conventions String OceanSITES reference table 2
attribute TEMP_QC flag_meanings String unknown good_data probably_good_data potentially_correctable_bad_data bad_data nominal_value interpolated_value missing_value
attribute TEMP_QC flag_values byte 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
attribute TEMP_QC long_name String Sea temperature quality flag
attribute TEMP_QC valid_max byte 9
attribute TEMP_QC valid_min byte 0
variable IRON   float  
attribute IRON _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute IRON actual_range float 0.0, 55.78
attribute IRON colorBarMaximum double 150.0
attribute IRON colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute IRON long_name String Total iron
attribute IRON Processing_level String Data manually reviewed
attribute IRON QC_indicator int 1
attribute IRON sdn_P02_urn String SDN:P02::MTWT
attribute IRON sdn_parameter_urn String SDN:P01::RWS00033
attribute IRON sdn_uom_urn String SDN:P06::UPOX
attribute IRON units String millimole/m3
attribute IRON valid_max float 100.0
attribute IRON valid_min float 0.0
variable IRON_QC   byte  
attribute IRON_QC _FillValue byte -127
attribute IRON_QC actual_range byte 1, 1
attribute IRON_QC colorBarMaximum double 10.0
attribute IRON_QC colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute IRON_QC conventions String OceanSITES reference table 2
attribute IRON_QC flag_meanings String unknown good_data probably_good_data potentially_correctable_bad_data bad_data nominal_value interpolated_value missing_value
attribute IRON_QC flag_values byte 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9
attribute IRON_QC long_name String Total iron quality flag
attribute IRON_QC valid_max byte 9
attribute IRON_QC valid_min byte 0

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